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Peasant food of potatoes and smoked ciolan

Peasant food of potatoes and smoked ciolan

First we put the washed potatoes, but not peeled, to boil in enough water to cover them and we left them only until they started to penetrate the test with a fork, up to 15 minutes.

Then, we drain the water in which they boiled and pass them through a stream of cold water, in order to clean them faster.

Put the oil in the multicooker bowl and set the FRY program for 30 minutes.

Saute the well-washed meat for 15 minutes and cut the pieces, turning it on all sides, then remove the meat and add the diced vegetables.

We will harden them for 15 minutes, but we also drop hot water from time to time, so as not to cook them only in oil.

When the set time expires, the multicooker automatically switches to KEEP WARM mode.

We leave it on this way for a few minutes, during which time we add the broth, chewing a few times, then the peeled potatoes and cut the pieces, we mix them in the sauce formed, then the meat and boiled water, so that the food can be diluted a little, about a cane.

Stir a few times in the food, taste and season with salt and spices, then close the lid and set the STEW program for 20 minutes.

The food should not be left to boil too long, because all the ingredients have already been prepared before and we risk crashing.

At the end we add the chopped greens.

It is a delicious food!

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